Knowledge Management in Agent Negotiation for Electronic Commerce using Knowledge Beads

Z. Yan, S. Fong (Macao), and M. Shi (PRC)


Knowledge representation, knowledge bead, knowledge management, agent negotiation


The objective of this paper is to design an agent-based online trading system that has both the dynamic negotiation ability and knowledge management functionality. Achieving both agent negotiation and knowledge management (KM) is believed to be possible when the "knowledge" that is used to describe the product and the deal are commonly represented by an object oriented ontology called Knowledge Bead (KB) [1]. In this paper, we focus on the knowledge context of agent negotiation process in electronic marketplace, discuss how knowledge can be formulated and managed, and further be utilized to assist in the competent negotiation process. This is the continued research work on knowledge beads [1][2]. The anticipated contribution will be a clearer understanding on knowledge management utilization for intelligent negotiation in electronic commerce.

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