Database Construction and Retrieval Method for Optimal Design of Casting

C. Lim, Y. Lee, J. Choi, and W. Kim (Korea)


Image Retrieval, Optimal Casting Design, ART, MEPG-7


The existing optimal casting design related data retrieval system enables a user to retrieve just the needed text data from a lot of information in the text database. While the necessary data can be found quickly through search terms, it is difficult to access know-how gained in the field and the shape data on casting design models. To solve this problem, the optimal system has been developed to retrieve even all the shape data generated in the field. In this system, the features and key words of comparative optimal casting designs are extracted and stored in the shape feature key word database. Through the user interface, the two-dimensional and three-dimanesional shape data and shape key words of a product model are compared with those of casting design stored in the database. In this way, the optimal casting design that has the highest similarity with a goods model is chosen.

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