Managing and Computational Business System Model for Intelligent Protection based on Agent

H. Kim, Y.-K. Kang, B.-J. Kwon, and D.-J. Hwang (Korea)


DRM, RAPS, XrML, Tracking, Mobile Environment,Network


The advance of technology and application development in the area of DRM(Digital Right Management) system has been rapidly improved in recent years. DRM system is the technique to protect and manage digital contents in an on- and off-line environment and its basic infrastructure for protection and management of IPR(Intellectual Property Rights) has become an important aspect of DRM technology. Therefore DRM technology can be widely applicable since it is devised to prevent the digital data leakage and to sort the rightfully accessible users by applying various technical ways. What's more, it can control the access of all the digitally existing data including multimedia data such as audio, video, and image as well as digital document and a various database In this paper, we introduce the Web-based DRMS using RAPS(Realtime Active Protection System) in a wired and wireless network environment and attempt to illustrate the outline how to create active resource protection and management environments. In addition, we present a set of well-predefined metadata using XrML [3, 15] to carry out effective protection and management of the IPR in detail. We defined the right and usage rules based conventional metadata and additional data for tracking and monitoring illegal operations [8, 12]. Finally, we will discuss the issues focused on the design and implementation for a robust DRMS with its outlook and direction in the future.

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