Granular Computing in Image Processing and Understanding

S.A. Butenkov (Russia)


image processing, information granules, granular computing


Granular Computing (GrC) can be considered as a common name of theories, methodologies, techniques, and tools that make use of granules, i.e. groups, classes, or clusters of a universe, in the process of problems solving. Basic ideas of crisp information granulation have appeared in related fields, such as interval analysis, rough set theory, Dempster-Shafer theory of belief functions, cluster analysis, decision-making, machine learning, databases, and many others. Granular computing is likely to play an important role in the evolution of fuzzy logic and its applications. This paper introduces a new technique for granulation, related with the digital images processing and understanding, based on main ideas of Computing with Words (CW) approach. Future applications of this technique of image granulation and processing are outlined.

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