Optimal Partitioning of Formal Specification in Protocol Compiler

M. Li, X. Wu, X. Zhu, and H. Wang (PRC)


GA, Formal Method, Partitioning, Protocol Engineering


Because of the drastically increasing need of rapid protocol deployment, automatic protocol implementation has attracted a lot of attention. Although there are some available commercial tools for protocol compiling, usually generated code by these tools is used only for prototyping due to its poor quality, and optimized protocol compiling is the only way to bring out the maximal potential of generated code. The optimal partitioning of formal specification is a significant step in front-end protocol compiling, because improper partitioning will incur both code explosion and poor performance. We applied profiling based approach to decide a tradeoff between performance and code size, and to deliver the maximal potential. In the partitioning process, genetic algorithm is used for searching the tremendous solution space.

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