Systems with Parametric Uncertainties -- Robust Control and Stability Analysis

R. Matušů and R. Prokop (Czech Republic)


Robust Control, Parametric Uncertainty, PID Controller,Kharitonov's Theorem, Stability Analysis


A class of continuous-time systems with parametric uncertainties is analyzed and controlled by robust linear controllers. The control synthesis is based on general solutions of diophantine equations in the ring of proper and Hurwitz stable rational functions (RPS), conditions of divisibility and the Youla-Kucera parameterization of controllers. Perturbations in controlled systems and robustness of proposed algorithms are studied through the value set concept, zero exclusion condition and Kharitonov's theorem. Resulting control laws for second order systems are of a generalized PID type and a scalar parameter m>0 is introduced for tuning and influencing of control responses. A Matlab + Simulink program system for automatic design and simulation has been developed.

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