A New Robust Control Approach for Manipulator with Unknown Nonlinear Dynamics

D. Cai (Japan)


Robust control, Robot control, Lyapunov stability, Slidemode control


Compared with motor actuators widely used in robot ma nipulator, some newly developed artificial muscles with Polymeric material are simple structure, low cost and can be formed into various shapes. It is expected to develop human like robot arm by use of the new artificial muscle. On the other side, there are some complex nonlinear and uncertainties in such new types of the actuators, so that it is much difficult to realize a stable and good performance control. For a widely use of the new artificial muscle, it is necessary to develop a new efficient control approach to achieve speed and low error control performance for the control manipulator. In this paper, we present a new sliding mode con troller which achieve asymptotic tracking of a desired tra jectory and guarantee the global stability in the closed-loop system. Asymptotic stability of the closed-loop tracking er ror system is proven by means of the Lyapunov synthesis. Some simulations of the tracking control for a 2-link planar robot arm were carried out to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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