An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution Systems

K. Prasad, N.C. Sahoo, R. Ranjan, and A. Chaturvedi (Malaysia)


Radial distribution system, Network reconfiguration, Genetic algorithm, Load-flow.


A considerable amount of energy can be saved by efficient reconfiguration of radial distribution systems (RDS) subject to network constraints. However, because of its inherent difficulty, it is often not possible to obtain an optimal solution using computational mathematical programming techniques. In this paper, a genetic algorithm based approach has been adopted for the network reconfiguration. The attractive features of the proposed approach are an improved coding scheme for the chromosome representation which always preserves the radial property of the new networks evolved under the application of the genetic operators and an efficient fitness function for guiding the search. The proposed approach has been tested on a standard 33-bus distribution system. The simulation results has been presented and discussed.

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