Parameter Estimation of DS/SS Signal using Triple Correlation Estimator

K.D. Choe, Y.H. Cho, Y.J. Lim, and S.K. Park (Korea)


PN code, Triple Correlation Function


As the use of DSSS (Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum) techniques in the increasingly congested communication environments grows, conventional methods of parameter estimation are becoming less effective. The Triple Correlation Function (TCF) value can be used to detect spread spectrum signals if the spreading sequences are unavailable. But it has weakness in that TCF results depend on the spread data sequence in actual application. This paper proposes a new scheme that not only overcomes the weakness but also presents better performance results than using traditional TCF scheme. The performance comparison of conventional TCF with the proposed Triple Correlation Estimator (TCE) technique shows that the latter has a better detection capability.

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