LMI based H

E.A. Al-Gallaf (Bahrain)


: H , T-S Fuzzy Models, LMI, Fuzzy Control. (1)


This research frame work presents a synthesis of fuzzy H robust controller for a nonlinear multivariable antenna system that have been modeled by T-S fuzzy system. The article presents the mathematical formulation of the proposed controller, where a more detailed description of fuzzy model is presented with related T-S models stability. Fuzzy H robust control as LMI formulation is presented, where a closed loop fuzzy control system with a Lyapunov function has been derived and reduced to an LMI formulation for each sub-model of the nonlinear system. The designed controller has shown a robust behavior in terms of disturbances attenuation and has a stabilization behavior as depicted from the time and frequency responses.

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