A Wind Park Reduced-Order Model using Integral Manifold Theory

M. Sedighizadeh and M. Kalantar (Iran)


Wind, Reduced Order, Integral Manifold 1.


Due to the increasiag penetration of wind energy , it is necessary to possess design tools that are able to simulate the impact of these installations in utility grids . In order to provide a net contribution to this issue a detailed wind park model has been developed and is briefly presented. However , the computational costs associated with the performance of such a detailed model in describing the behavior of a wind park composed by a considerable number of units may render its practical application very difficult . To overcome this problem integral manifolds theory has been applied to reduce the order of the detailed wind park model, and therefore create the conditions for the development of a dynamic equivalent which is able to retain the relevant dynamics with respect to the existing a.c. system. In this paper integral manifold method has been introduced for order reduction. Simulation results of the proposed method represents that integral manifold method results fit the detailed model results with a higher precision than singular perturbation method.

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