Kinematic Modelling and Simulation of a Novel Interconnected-Chains PKM

L. Bruzzone, R. Molfino, and M. Zoppi (Italy)


Parallel Kinematics Machine, Position Analysis, DynamicSimulation.


The paper deals with the conception and the kinematic modelling of a 5-degree-of-freedom Interconnected Chains Parallel Kinematics Machine (IC-PKM). Usually parallel kinematics machines are composed of a platform connected in parallel to a fixed base by independent actuated serial chains. For this reason, the inverse position analysis is relatively trivial, while the direct position analysis is much more difficult. In the proposed machine, the serial chains, which connect the end-effector to the fixed base, are not independent. For this reason, both the direct and the inverse position analysis are represented by coupled algebraic systems, which are discussed in the present paper. A multibody model has been realized in order to assess the dynamic performance of the system.

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