Modeling and Control of Product Quality in CNC Machines with Adaptive Fuzzy Petri Nets

M.R. Jahed-Motlagh and Z. Kasirolvalad (Iran)


CNC machine, AND/OR net, knowledge representation,fuzzy Petri net, product quality.


The paper describes an approach to the modeling of a CNC machining operation and control of product quality using adaptive fuzzy Petri nets. Recently, numerous attempts have been made to obtain intelligent process planning systems and to increase the efficiency of computer aided process planning (CAPP) system using new mathematical methods. Graph theories, Petri nets, and fuzzy logic are powerful tools that are employed in this research to model different feasible states for performing a process and to obtain the best process performance path using exertion of the process designer's criteria. Then with the transformation of obtained model to machine language or other states which are capable for applying on tool machine controller can automatically do main part of generation procedure and optimal path selection of process performance. In this paper it will be shown that several ideas and approaches which are proposed in the field of robotic assembly are applicable to the planning procedure modeling with minor modifications.

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