Detection and Tracking Control to Unknown Moving Object Considering Sloshing-Suppression in Pouring Robot

Y. Noda, K. Yano, and K. Terashima (Japan)


Tracking Control, Sloshing, Automatic Detection, 2-DOFControl


This paper is concerned with automatic detection and tracking control to a moving target object whose position is unknown, as well as sloshing-suppression control in a tracking object. Tracking control to the target object with executing sloshing (liquid vibration) suppression control has been required to basic development of a self-transfer type automatic pouring robot in casting industries. In this paper, to detect the target object, a laser-sensor is newly fitted to the tracking object, and the deviation between the target and the tracking objects is estimated. Based on this information, the reference trajectory for tracking control is given considering the sloshing-suppression. 2-DOF sys tem with a feedforward controller using an inverse model of tracking object is presented. Sloshing control in the track ing object is performed by feedback controllers designed by Hybrid Shape Approach. Furthermore, in order to avoid the sloshing generated at the starting period of tracking, a time-varying gain filter is introduced at the connection part between the target and the tracking systems. The effec tiveness of the proposed system control is shown through experiments in a liquid container transfer system.

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