Corrective and Preventive Maintenance Rates Control in Production Planning of a FMS

L.J. Nkeungoue and J.P. Kenné (Canada)


Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Corrective maintenance, Preventive maintenance, Production planning, Numerical Methods


This paper deals with the corrective an preventive maintenance rates control in production planning of a flexible manufacturing system (FMS). The control variables are the production, the corrective and preventive maintenance rates of the involved machines subject to random failures and repairs. In the proposed model, the failure rate of a machine depends on its age; hence, the corrective and preventive maintenance policies are machine age dependent. The goal of the considered control problem is to minimize the incurred cost by considering surplus cost (inventory and backlog) and maintenance cost. For the one-machine, one-part-type system, we will demonstrate that our planning control policies are more efficient than the one given without maintenance actions. A numerical example is presented to illustrate the usefulness of the proposed model.

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