A Simple Algorithm for the Analysis of Unbalanced Three Phase Radial Distribution System

K. Prasad, A. Chaturvedi, R. Ranjan, and N.C. Sahoo (Malaysia)


Radial Distribution System, Three phase, Load Flow


A computationally efficient algorithm plays an important role in distribution systems automation. Principally distribution systems automation focuses on various problems encountered and attempt to find solution by means of fault isolation, network reconfiguration, load balancing and service restoration. To achieve these goals in an optimum and efficient way a computationally efficient algorithm is a primary requirement. In this paper a simple computational algorithm is presented to solve unbalanced three phase Radial Distribution System (RDS). Algorithm reported here is computationally fast and based on simple approach of estimating the line currents. The proposed algorithm is tested on various practical RDS and results of 25-bus, three phase RDS are presented in the paper.

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