On the Optimization of Industrial Combustion Processes using Infrared Thermography

S. Zipser, A. Gommlich, J. Matthes, H.B. Keller, Ch. Fouda, and R. Schreiner (Germany)


combustion control, infrared thermography, data analysis,distributed systems, software


To guarantee an optimal combustion of fuels with chang ing properties control strategies based on a continuous pro cess monitoring are necessary. The process state can be monitored with in-situ measuring infrared cameras in con junction with an automatic image analysis. This leads to additional process information. This information is used for process control. In this paper we discuss the following problems associated with a reliable automatic image analysis: image validation with respect to disturbances as well as the detection and the rejection of typical distur bances, and investigation of interconnections between the infrared information and the process behavior. Finally we introduce the software system INSPECT, which was developed and applied for a camera-based process analysis and its integration in process control.

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