On Controlling a HVDC Scheme Connected with a Synchronous Generator

L. Teppoz, G. Bornard, and G. Besançon (France)


HVDC, VSC, synchronous generator, transmission line, interconnected systems, nonlinear control, optimal control.


This paper proposes a control scheme for an HVDC sys tem composed by a generator, a transmission line and an infinite bus interconnected to each other through VSC ac tuators. Those actuators are described by a continuous time average model defined on one switching period. The paper deals with the DC bus voltage regulation and the DC current tracking, so as to guarantee some given power transmission. These targets are achieved by a linear opti mal control of the line from the currents generated by the converters at each end, and appropriate regulation of those currents. The regulation of the generator and infinite bus reactive powers is also handled. Simulation results illustrate the good behaviour of the sys tem variables in response to an active power variation.

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