Torque Control of Switched Reluctance Motors using Iterative Learning based Design of Current Waveforms

N.C. Sahoo, R. Ranjan, R. Gobbi (Malaysia), S.K. Panda, J.X. Xu, and Z.H. Liang (Singapore)


Switched reluctance motor, Iterative learning control,Feedforward compensator.


The control of switched reluctance motor (SRM) is focused on the designs of the feedforward compensator, i.e., determination of suitable current waveforms, and current controllers to regulate these currents in the stator windings. This paper deals with an iterative learning based scheme for the design of feedforward compensator for torque control of a 4-phase (8/6) SRM. The proposed design makes use of predesigned torque sharing functions so as to generate smoother current waveforms. Both simulation and experimental results are presented. A comparative study of their results indicates the elegance of the proposed approach. The upcoming issues for further development have been critically addressed.

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