Torque Control of Switched Reluctance Motors by a Fuzzy Logic based Hybrid Compensation Scheme

R. Gobbi, N.C. Sahoo, and R. Ranjan (Malaysia)


Switched reluctance motor, Torque ripple, Compensation,Fuzzy logic.


This paper deals with a fundamental control issue in switched reluctance motor (SRM) drives the torque ripples. Normally, torque ripple minimization is achieved by using a look-up table, i.e., the look-up table uses stored magnetic characteristics to provide the reference current. A number of techniques for the generation of reference current profiles that minimize the torque ripples have been suggested. But because of highly nonlinear characteristics of the SRM, all these schemes are not fully successful. Our work deals with a novel algorithm for generation of current waveforms by modulation of the reference current pattern of the conventional one-phase on scheme by means of a multiplying factor for minimizing the torque ripple. This multiplying factor is computed with the aid of fuzzy logic, which is well suited to compensate for the nonlinearities of the system. Performance of the proposed strategy is verified by simulation.

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