Adaptive Control of an Inverted Pendulum

A. Papadopoulos and K. Tsakalis (USA)


Adaptive Control, Nonlinear Systems, Applications: Educational Experiments, PID control, Energy Con trol


This paper presents the development and experimen tal implementation of an indirect adaptive approach for swinging-up and stabilizing a torque-controlled in verted pendulum. The controller combines an adap tive estimator with a Proportional-Integral-Derivative controller and a nonlinear energy controller. The en tire control algorithm is implemented using an Intel based computer and the Matlab/Simulink environ ment. Experiments are performed to illustrate the properties of the adaptive control system, including the stabilization of a pendulum with unknown mass and length and in the presence of large disturbances. The resulting controller achieves practically global sta bilization of the pendulum with minimal prior knowl edge (range of parameters, noise bounds).

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