Prototyping for Selecting People: A Competencies Model

J. Clempner and A. GutiƩrrez (Mexico)


Competence model, profiling, position evaluation, appraisal, information technology strategic planning.


We present a competencies model for the evaluation of job positions consisting of a competencies definition model, an evaluation process model and a graphic representation model. Every position profile is designed and each profile is particularly configured under the support of a business process model. The competencies model provides a tool to define an "employee prototype" (ideal or expected employee) in terms of competencies, and it is also a tool for determining how to evaluate such a prototype. Psychological tools are used in this model to measure the competencies of an evaluated candidate. As a result, the model produces an "approach degree" of how close the evaluated employee is of what is expected from an employee. To represent the evaluations we proposed a special pie chart. Naturally, this model reveals how the development program of an employee must be developed and applied. The competencies model is supported by an information technology strategic planning model and by a methodology. The competencies model can be applied to other application domains like: education, health, crime, etc.. An application example is given.

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