Computational Implementation and Evaluation for the Echo-Avoidance Model of the Precedence Effect

J. Huang, Y. Utsuno, and S. Ding (Japan)


precedence effect; sound localization; echo estimation; echo avoidance; reverberant environment.


According to the Echo-Avoidance (EA) model, the prece dence effect is caused by the inhibition of sound localiza tion which depends on the estimated sound-to-echo ratios. We tested the EA model using stimuli of click sounds, con stant pure tones, speech and noise. After compared with the results of psychological experiments concerned with the precedence effect, such as double-click sound experi ments, the Hass experiments and the Franssen experiments, we could conclude that the EA model of the precedence ef fect is an efficient model and is supported by the psycho logical data.

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