Order Reduction for Circuit Models Obtained via Modified Nodal Analysis

G. Buskes and M. Cantoni (Australia)


Model reduction, circuit simulation, descriptor models.


The application of balanced truncation order reduction, which admits an a priori error bound that holds over all fre quencies, is investigated within the context of large-scale circuit models. Although balanced truncation is well un derstood for models expressed in regular state-space form, automatable circuit modelling techniques, such as Modified Nodal Analysis (MNA), often yield models in a so-called de scriptor form, which is not directly amenable to standard bal anced truncation order reduction. It is shown in this paper that, for a class of lumped circuit networks, a model that is amenable to balanced truncation can be obtained via com putationally inexpensive manipulation of the standard MNA formulation. A corresponding procedure for balanced trun cation is suggested.

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