Verification Method for Modelling Cooperating Processes with Coloured Sequence Diagrams

O. Fengler, W. Fengler, and T. Hummel (Germany)


Modelling, Verification, Embedded Systems, Coloured Sequence Diagram, Interval Petri nets


: The design of complex distributed embedded systems often is a great challenge due to the numerousness and the large size of parallel real-time operating components. In this research paper the problems of proofing the correctness of such systems are discussed. As approach the use of well-known Petri net verification methods for modelling formalisms like Coloured Dynamic Sequence Diagrams is suggested. The extension of the time-related verification method for Coloured Petri Nets, derived from Coloured Sequence Diagrams for modelling of embedded real-time systems, is shown. A definition of Coloured Time Interval Petri Nets is given, and finally, a verification method for time related aspects is presented. A verification reference example demonstrates the applicability.

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