Effects of Reverberation on Sound Source Localization using Binaural Spectral Cues

S. Benton and A. Spanias (USA)


binaural auditory cocktail party hrtf localization


It is well known that the human auditory system uses binaural and monaural spectral clues in processing sound for localization and hearing. What is not well known is how to accurately model this ability. We present here an investigation into the effects of reverberation on two localization schemes that look at left and right ear spectral differences. The differences are derived from head related transfer function (HRTF) measurements in order to better understand how a practical system might use similar spectral information in common adverse acoustic environments. The first scheme uses the binaural spectral ratio of left and right ear signals. The second uses the binaural spectral difference after deconvloving from a potential source direction, similar to Durlach's equalization and cancellation model.

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