A "Spiking" Bidirectional Associative Memory for Modeling Intermodal Priming

D. Meunier and H. Paugam-Moisy (France)


Neural Network Models, Cognitive Processes, Spiking Neurons, Intermodal Priming.


Starting from a modular artificial neural system modelling the integration of several perceptive stimuli, this article pro poses a new implementation of the central module perform ing a multimodal associative memory. A Bidirectional As sociative Memory (BAM) has been emulated in temporal coding with spiking neurons. Since input patterns are dy namically encoded, the effects of the latency of evocation can be simulated with the "spiking BAM", thus adding tem poral properties to the model. For highlighting the contri bution of the new module and the relevance for modelling cognitive processes, the "spiking BAM" has been tested in the context of an experimental protocol of cognitive psy chology.

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