Stochastic Control System of Basal Ganglia and Relation with Stuttering

A. Toyomura and T. Omori (Japan)


Basal ganglia, Stochastic control, Arm movement, Stutter ing


In resent years, it is said that the basal ganglia has a feed back control function for motion generation. Some au thors suggested that the feedback control function of the basal ganglia has something to do with language dysfunc tion, especially dysfunction of utterance motion like Gilles de la Tourette syndrome or stuttering. But we don't know the concrete mechanism of the relation. We have to know what kind of computation is on going within the basal gan glia. In this paper, first we propose a view of motor area basal ganglia loop as a stochastic control system. We eval uate our model through a computer simulation for the arm movement. Next we attempt to explain stuttering based on our model. We show that dysfunction of stochastic control system of the basal ganglia may cause the stuttering.

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