A New Approach to Blind Source Separation with Global Optimal Property

Y.-M. Cheung and H. Liu (PRC)


Blind Source Separation, Independency Metric, Indepen dent Component Analysis, Generalized Eigenvalue Prob lem, Global Optimization.


This paper presents a new independency metric for blind source separation (BSS) problem. It is mathematically proved that the metric value of any linear combination of source signals is less than the largest one of sources un der a loose condition. Further, the global optimization of this new metric is achieved by formulating it as a general ized eigenvalue problem. Subsequently, we guarantee to find out a correct de-mixing matrix through maximizing the proposed metric to separate the sources. The simula tion results have shown its success in separating the linear combinations of sub-Gaussian and super-Gaussian sources with at most one Gaussian signal.

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