An Intelligent Virtual Financial Advisor System (IVFAS)

G.O. Sing, S. Sahib, and R. Elangsegaran (Malaysia)


Agent technology, AIML, AINI, chatterbots, HCI


Applications on the WWW and Expert Systems have been mushrooming since 1980. Stimulated by the revolution in networking and intelligent in high-level web-based programming languages, intelligent WWW systems become popular in the 21st century. This allows human to enjoy a better lifestyle and improve their standard of living. Meanwhile its cost effectiveness has to be maintained. Intelligent Virtual Financial Advisor System (IVFAS) will be one of these applications which proposed to provide the professional financial advice to all level of users facilitated by the advance networking technology such as Internet, internetworking and Intranet. In this paper, agent-based approach and integration Artificial Intelligent Neural-Network Identity (AINI) chatterbots are proposed for the development of IVFAS. Applying these technologies into IVFAS will promote a better Human Computer Interaction environment between the users and the system. This research is in collaboration with Maybank Sdn Bhd., the biggest financial institution in Malaysia which is a pioneer in online banking.

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