Intelligent Monitoring of the Offset Printing Process

L. Bergman (Sweden) and A. Verikas (Lithuania)


--Neural modelling, Neural network committee, Fourier transform, Offset lithographic printing.


--In this paper, we present a neural networks and image analysis based approach to assessing colour deviations in an offset printing process from direct measurements on halftone multicoloured pictures--there are no measuring areas printed solely to assess the deviations. A committee of neural networks is trained to assess the ink proportions in a small image area. From only one measurement the trained committee is capable of estimating the actual amount of printing inks dispersed on paper in the measuring area. To match the measured image area of the printed picture with the corresponding area of the original image, when comparing the actual ink proportions with the targeted ones, properties of the 2-D Fourier transform are exploited.

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