The Deltoid Application for Competence Analysis and Development of Control Room Operators

J. Kantola, K. Nurminen, A. Piirto, and H. Vanharanta (Finland)


HRM, metaphor, competence, self-evaluation, fuzzy logic, creative tension


In human resource management the ultimate challenge is to successfully organize and harness human beings for added value creation inside the learning company environment. This paper examines the human mind and its configurations by applying a holistic concept of man and theater metaphor to create a new theory-based metaphor for human resource management. This new Circles of Mind metaphor can be used to create computer supported self-evaluation tools for competence measurement. The artificial computer systems, which emulate human cognitive processes, help to better understand the values and dimensions of human traits, characteristics and competence. The approach is a new one, and represents an emerging paradigm for achieving holistic mapping and synergy for the development of individuals. The Evolute, a web-based generic computer application utilizing fuzzy logic, was developed for these HRM purposes. The purpose of the Evolute is to enable better management in the development of licenced room operators. Both the theoretical and the first empirical results with the application have been successful.

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