PSI: The Component based Services for Ubiquitous Computing

K. Shibuya (Japan)


Component Oriented Framework, Ubiquitous, Spatial Modeling, Web Services, Agent Based Services


The objective of this paper is to explore an applicability of a component based services (PSI: Pervasive System for Indoor-GIS) in ubiquitous computational environment. The most advantageous aspect of this component oriented services framework is to facilitate developing various service applications for ubiquitous computation as the occasion demands. That is, service applications are modeling, simulation, monitoring, web services and others. For instance, I have been designing and developing collaborative workspace, educational gaming services and modeling environment. Indeed, I intend to make a coordinating bridge between computational assists for people and physically groundings in ubiquitous computational systems. It would indicate some significance of current topics on ubiquitous computing and human activities.

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