Symbolically Assisted Method for Phase-domain Modeling of a Synchronous Machine

E.V. Solodovnik and R.A. Dougal (USA)


Modeling and Simulation Methodologies, Model Development, Synchronous Machine, Automatic Differentiation.


A new technique has been developed that uses symbolically assisted computations to automatically construct the time domain power system component models. The generated models are in the Resistive Companion Form (RCF) that is widely used in time domain simulators. Manual construction of RCF models is time consuming and error-prone. This task is simplified using the automatic differentiation technique (ADT). The modeling tool has been implemented within the Virtual Test Bed (VTB) simulation environment. The VTB is an interactive simulation environment which allows analysis of mixed discipline systems and provides advanced visualization capabilities. The ADT models allow users to easily generate their own efficient VTB models by just typing differential equations in the continuous domain expressing the through variables with respect to the across variables. In order to demonstrate the presented methodology, example of ADT generated RCF phase-domain model of a three-phase synchronous machine with damper windings is presented.

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