Enhancements to a Methodology for Simulations of Perturbed Planetary Rings

M.C. Lewis and G.R. Stewart (USA)


Physically-based Modeling, 3-Dimensional Modeling, Granular Flows, Planetary Rings


In this paper we discuss two significant enhancements to the planetary rings simulations methodology that we have previously presented [1,2]. The first enhancement is a new form of boundary conditions that allow us to have a perturbing moon with an eccentric orbit. The ability to include this is significant, because most moons near narrow rings are eccentric and adding that to the simulation significantly alters some behaviors. The second enhancement is to make our spatial hash for collision finding adaptive. The method we use for doing this retains O(1) complexity for adding and finding single particles, but is better than our original presentation, [2], at preserving O(n) full processing time when the distribution of particles becomes non-uniform.

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