Modeling a Supercontinuum Source for 20-Channel WDM Applications

S.V. Kartalopoulos and M. Bouhiyate (USA)


Modeling supercontinuum sources, single-laser WDMnetworks.


We develop a supercontinuum source for 20-Channel WDM applications. Our supercontinuum model is based on a single laser, a highly non-linear fiber (HNLF) and a 20-channel comb generator. We develop a WDM point-to-point OC-48 standard single mode fiber link using the 20-channel supercontinuum source. We simulate our model for a variety of laser powers, wavelengths, HNLF lengths and SMF lengths to establish min-max limits and optimum performance. Simulation results suggest that our 20-channel supercontinuum model meets the performance objective of 10-12 bit error rate for links up to 50 km.

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