Street – Smart Bots

V. Selman, R.C. Selman, J. Selman, and E. Selman (USA)


artificial intelligence, robotics, robot applications, intuitive interface on man-machinecommunications, computer algorithms, web-links onrobots/robotics


Our vision for the world of the future, post Millennium-3, that we entered on 11 September 2001 through a "gate of fire," is that the future will be very different than we can imagine it even today. `Bots [derived from robots, sometimes called agents] gained some notoriety on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) where they greeted new participants, monitored the use of offensive language-- sometimes becoming real annoying, with their psuedo beliefs, desires, and aspirations. Smart `Bots are helping us more and more along the way to our co-existent future of Humans and Machines. See, for Shopping Bots who find the lowest prices, without our visiting dozens of shopping sites, or the Help-Mate `Bots traversing hospital corridors with blood and other samples, avoiding curious visitors and more, or the Search & Rescue Robots so valuable at the WTC after 9/11, and, lastly, the future autonomous warrior BattleBots--nano-`Bots and all-- that may eventually replace humans on and above the battlefield, even in think-tanks, and as planetary travelers/workers on space ventures, like mining hydrogen-3 on the moon.

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