R.A.M.S. Analysis in a Sintering Plant by the Employment of a New Reliability Allocation Method

D. Falcone, F. De Felice, G. Di Bona, and A. Silvestri (Italy)


Reliability, RDB,FMEA, Allocation.


The techniques of the reliability allocation have been studied for the project development and for the operating and maintenance management of complex systems. The maintenance management is an operating aspect consequent upon the project; on the contrary, the maintenance concerns project aspects. Therefore, from the point of view of the operating maintenance, the allocation of the reliability must be considered as "allocation of the criticalities", or rather as a methodology which allows to identify the sub-systems responsible for the unreliability of the whole system. This work intends to determine, through the application of the "Method of the Integrated Factors", the elements which are responsible for the reliable criticalities in a production sub-system, aiming at the realization of sintered products. The allocation method introduced, even if it supplies an analysis applicable to complex prototype systems during the planning phase, keeps general characteristics which permit its application also to the management and maintenance phases. The production sub-system taken into consideration makes it possible to carry out the drying of dusts. The main element is a piston pump for the realization of vacuum with the resulting recovery of the isopropyl alcohol. We considered it convenient to fix the unreliability factor of the sub-system as target, taken from the scientific literature.

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