Exploring the Use of Computer to Improve Self-efficacy and Reading Comprehension

S. Ottaviano, A. Chifari, L. Seta, and A. Ascolillo (Italy)


Virtual collaborative learning, children's self-efficacy, reading comprehension, Information Communication Technology.


This work looks at the contribution which the cooperative learning method can make in the design of on line learning processes aimed at stimulating an increase in pupil's self-efficacy and reading comprehension. After describing the theoretical and educational significance of the research, we consider and analyse the main aim and the method of research. The present study was carried out with 74 pupils aged 7 and 8. Using pre and post testing tools, we monitored the trend over time of the research variables: the level of self efficacy and the level of reading comprehension. The review highlights the need for a more extensive and in depth investigation of some problems of the empirical research method. Finally, some proposals are made for the orientation of future research.

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