A Web-based Cooperative E-Learning Environment for Musical Harmony Domain

E. Ferneda, E. de B. Costa, H.O. de Almeida, D.G. Rodrigues, and E.S. de Almeida (Brazil)


Web-based Learning Environment, Intelligent Tutoring System, Distance Learning, Music Education Multi-agent Systems.


This article presents a virtual environment of cooperative Web-based learning to support the teaching of Music, specifically Musical Harmony. Such environment offers support to both semi-distant learning courses and strict distant learning using Internet/Web. The aim of this work is to integrate artificial and human agents in an interactive environment endowed with access to several high quality contents. These contents are available in hypermedia documents and digital library. Our main purpose is to provide learners, teachers, and computer system with opportunities to get productive pedagogical interactions. The computer system is presented here as a society of artificial tutoring agents connected to a digital library and to a hypermedia document.

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