Personalized Education (PE) – Technology Integration for Individual Learning

A.W.P. Fok and H.H.S. Ip (PRC)


Personalization, Web-Based Learning, Web Based Education.


: Worldwide Education Reform raises the importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education. With the diversity and the abundance of information that can potentially be accessed from the Internet, "Personalization Technology" (PT) is fast becoming an enabling technology for serving the information need of different users in a different way according to their individual needs and profiles. In this paper, we extend the concept of PT to education, namely Personalized Education (PE) and review emerging technology that is relevant to the realization of Personalized Education. We proposed an architectural framework for the development of a Personalized Study Room (PRS) which integrates these technologies to provide supportive tools for users who might conduct their teaching or learning activities in a personalized manner. PSR, in essence, utilizes distributed information for individual learning differences. The paper also discusses the importance of applying personalization into school education, especially students' learning, and the challenges and opportunities for individual learning in the age of the Web.

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