3D Physics – An Interactive Simulation Virtual World

B.S. Meiguins, M.D. Gomes, M.B. Garcia, R.D. de Souza, Jr., and L.A. Guedes (Brazil)


: Physics Teaching, Virtual Reality in Education, Web base Education.


The study of Kinematics with the use of 3D virtual environments is not a novel idea. Nevertheless, the majority of these researches do not take the student's accomplishments in these environments into account, thus, for lack of data and inefficiency in working with the already acquired data, an effective evaluation on what was studied or discovered cannot be carried out. This paper is part of a project called "3D Physics", which is trying to produce software for educational purposes in all areas of Physics. It's using object-oriented techniques and software engineering, which facilitates the development of new sub-prototypes. The project is also planning to make use of artificial intelligence techniques in order to develop tools that could help out the teacher in the student's performance evaluation, detecting patterns and classifying data. Particularly for this paper, the project's first module will be introduced, "Uniform Motion", which is a field of study in Kinematics, showing how it works, presenting teacher-supporting tools, the student's interface and the evaluation module development principles.

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