Físchlár-Nursing, using Digital Video Libraries to Teach Nursing Students

C. Gurrin, P. MacNeela, A.F. Smeaton, H. Lee, P. Browne, and K. McDonald (Ireland)


Digital Video, Classroom, Online Learning Environment, Fschlr


In some pedagogical disciplines, the teaching of processes is an integral part of training. One such example is Nursing, where students often have to watch videos in order to learn about certain topics. We have developed, in a joint venture between the CDVP and School of Nursing in DCU, a web-based video browsing and navigation system called Fschlr-Nursing. Fschlr-Nursing supports students in their endeavours to learn about topics that are either best viewed using videos or best experienced first hand. In this paper we present an overview of Fschlr Nursing and the preliminary findings from staff and users of the system after its first year in operation.

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