Effects of Interactive Multimedia in Distance Learning

G. Javidi and E. Sheybani (USA)


Interactive, Multimedia, Distance Learning, Internet, Distributed Learning.


The advancement in technology is shaping every aspect of our life, including education. One decade ago, the Internet was not critical to education. However, now, it has become an integral part of learning process. Internet technology is having a dramatic effect on colleges and universities, producing what may be the most challenging period in the history of higher education. One form of the convergence of Internet technology and education is distributed learning. The World Wide Web (WWW) provides alternative means for delivery of the courses and services, providing learners with an extraordinary range of options. Distance learning, as a subset of distributed learning, focuses on students who may be separated in time and space from their peers and the instructor. Distance learning methods are being developed and implemented to offer educational opportunities to those who are unable or choose not to attend an educational institution on a conventional, scheduled basis.

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