Emulative Software Engineering – Experiment and Experience

K. Zhang and Q.-X. Xiong (PRC)


Concurrent Engineering, Emulative Software Engineering, knowledge management


Concurrent Engineering is a good method, but it overstresses the communication and cooperation of various departments in an enterprise so that it does not meet the requirement of fast tempo and direct confrontation of modern work. This paper proposes a new method, so-called Emulative Software Engineering, and reposes its hope in the method to solve the difficult problems of software quality and schedule control. The formularization of the method process has been made. The authors did threes development experiments based on their teaching activities, which five groups joined. The experimental results show that it may be feasible or workable to be used in an enterprise or projects. The method has practical value for software development in spite of the fact that it originates from a new idea and software development of teaching activity, but it has weakness to be remedied, such as in information exchange and close cooperation.

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