Schoolbook – An Authoring Tool and Content Management System

T. Kupka, J.E.W. Zajaczek, M. Behrends, G.F. Walter, and H.K. Matthies (Germany)


Authoring Systems for Web-based Education, Content Management System, Interdisciplinary, E-Learning and E-Training


The ELAN projects aim is to provide an authoring system for web-based teaching and learning including interdisci plinary aspects. The web-based character eases the col laboration of specialised authors independent from loca tion and time and any content can be presented in a con sistent fashion. Hereby medical education is chosen as a model for this approach, exemplified by the diagnostic disciplines neuroradiology and neuropathology. Since spatial sense is a necessity for most medical disciplines, multimedia technologies are very convenient to elucidate the three dimensional complexity of anatomic structures and their various pathologies.

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