Learn, Chat and Play – An ECA Supported Stock Markets E-Learning Curricula

L. Laufer (Hungary) and G. Tatai (UK)


Tutoring agent, E-learning, ECA, Affective computing, Humor


In this paper we are describing our system, VBroker. It is designed for the Hungarian Financial Authority to promote the stock exchange and financial markets in general. The system is incorporating an E-learning curriculum on the subject; an embodied conversational agent and a virtual stock exchange game. We describe the way the system integrates these three main parts together with an emphasis on the analysis of the e-learning scenario and our emotional model. This model enables the tutoring agent to provide proper emotional feedback. In addition we provide some detail about the use of humor, enabling the agent for edutainment. Experiments about the use and transmission of emotions are also shown that users are in favour of multimodal interfaces, and they apply its features so naturally that they do not even remember correctly the number of used emotion signals.

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