Elearning Platform with Microelectronic Contents

T. Ostermann (Austria), L. Krahn, R. Jancke (Germany), C. Lackner, R. Kössl, R. Hagelauer (Austria),


eLearning, web-based training platform, interactive learning, microelectronic design


For the design of new applications in the information and communication technology (ICT) area with ever shorter lifecycles, the availability of the most recent knowledge is mandatory. The intervals within the acquired knowledge bases therefore have to be updated, become shorter and shorter. In this paper we present a new interactive web based training system supported by the European Union to strengthen the knowledge of the personnel in industry and universities involved in this area. The training system consists of three course modules together with a special adapted web-based training platform. These course modules were developed together by designers from industry and universities to account for the special needs of these groups.

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