The CATTID's Approach to Design Asynchronous Distance Instruction for Web-based Learning

C.M. Medaglia, U. Biader Ceipidor, and A. Imbellone (Italy)


Web-based Education (WBE), Web-based Methods and Tools in Traditional and Distance Education, Asynchronous learning solution, budget evaluation for web-based learning solution.


The main objective of this paper is to present the structure of CATTID (Centro per le Applicazioni della Televisione e delle Tecniche di Istruzione a Distanza Centre for television applications and distance learning techniques). The Centre was created in the seventies, to enable the distribution of educational materials using television. During the last decade it has developed a blended learning approach integrating television, e-learning and traditional didactic methods. Nowdays, thanks to the new opportunities Italian university is facing, CATTID is studying the possibility of realizing some fully on-line high education degrees. We will focus on CATTID facilities and in its own methodology for web-based distance education. Starting from an introduction on the state of the art of asynchronous and synchronous teaching-learning environments, we will analyse the peculiarity of CATTID's learning solution, passing through a detailed description of the production process regarding on line courses. Finally, we document the benefits which have resulted from the application of our approach to training in e-learning.

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