Web-based Programming Assignments with Real-time Marks and Recommendations

J.L. Ruiz, J.C. Dueñas, T. de Miguel, J.L. Arciniegas, and R. Cerón (Spain)


Web-based learning, marking, computer science,programming, distributed assessment.


Web based systems have performed a revolution in the support of learning; the capabilities for supporting teaching activities have been mainly focused on content delivery, students and course management, and group learning. Learning assessment has also been a field in which improvements were made, but most of the systems actually deployed leave evaluation to the human assessment, or are based on tests. Teaching programming is however a practical issue that must relay on practical assignments. This document presents a summary of the experiences performed by authors during the development of a teaching services portal for the students assessment, one of whose main functions is a service for the automatic evaluation of programming assessments, able to provide the students the result of assignments, in real time, through a Web interface.

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